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  • Advanced indoor agriculture Inc  pop
    Survival Hydroponics is the largest hydroponics gardening center for hydroponics systems and hydroponics supplies. Get your hydroponics gardens in tip top shape with some of our specials. We carry all the major Manufacturers like Hydro farm - General Hydroponics and American Agritech to the latest in Canadian Hydroponics Systems. We are always researching new ways to grow. We bring you all the latest hydroponics growing systems.
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  • Blooming Marvelous Hydropincs
    All things hydroponic from grow lights and grow tanks to hydroponic nutrients and environmental control we have it all .Our Harrogate shop is fully stocked with everything you need to start you new hobby from scratch as well as providing the experienced hydroponic gardener with all the back up you need.
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  • Cannagro
    Aberdeen's first growshop now also online. UK distributor of BioGreen and Bio Bizz. Authorised UK dealer of Canna products. Stockist of high quality Canatronics and Genesis light systems. Hydroponic and organic set ups and NEW from Holland by Atami, the WILMA hydro organic system.
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  • Dutch Connection
    The M.G.U. is composed of 3 rings with a diameter of 39 inches (100cm) and a height of 15.6 inches (40cm), a durable plastic lid and a cooltube with a length of 39 inches (100cm). Because of these measurements the system can be easily placed almost anywhere, the high yield / low electricity usage enforces this fact (2x600watt).
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  • Greenthings Hydroponics
    One of the oldest and probably the best on line mail order store in the UK. Superb delivery service and some amazing prices. Full range of nutrients, growth enhancers, lights, hydro systems, pest control. growroom accessories and much more.
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  • GroWell Hydroponics & Plant Lighting Ltd
    The UKs leading supplier of hydroponics equipment. Established 1994. Complete Systems from £150. Retail, Mail Order, Online. high levels of stock held - we will always have what you need available for immediate dispatch. Call free on 0800 328 1339 to place an order or request a catalogue.
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  • GrowGear NorthWest
    Your most economic choice in advanced aeroponics and hydroponic supplies and equipment.We offer a wide range of nutrients both organic and not.Our goal here at GrowGear Northwest is complete customer satisfaction,We offer fast secure and confidential shipping anywhere in Canada and the United States.
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    Quality 250w, 400w and 600w remote ballast hydroponic plant lighting systems, growlighting starter kits, indoor lights and growing equipment. Economy growlights, 125w envirolights and envirolites, spare HPS sodium, grolux and metal halide replacement lamps, timers, fans and contactors. Confidential credit card, cheque, Cash or postal order payments. Discreet packaging. UK next day delivery.
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  • Marijuana fertilizers
    The world's only authentic marijuana fertilizer company. Our products are designed and tested on medical marijuana, and are acknowledged by High Times, Cannabis Culture, Weed World and growers to be the best products in the world. We will help you grow two or more pounds of potent dried bud per plant!
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